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01 a dream farmhouse in Provence

Nestled in the heart of the rolling hills of Provence lies a romantic and enchanting bastide known as Domaine les Serres. This blissful Provençal farmstead, located on the outskirts of Lagarde-Paréol, is a precious paradise in the midst of wine country.

The present owners now wish to pass this property to new custodiens who will continue the wonderful story of this dream home. 


Visitors pass by three tall, old cypress pines gracing the entrance to the property - these are the traditional trois bienvenues.


The opened gates lead visitors to an enchanting garden path, where every step is a delight for the senses.


As the pebble road stretches out before them, evergreen hedges, meticulously manicured, can be seen on either side, lending a sense of timeless elegance to the approach.

The Mas

02 the mas

As visitors amble up the driveway, they catch their first glimpses of the farmstead's magnificent stone façade, peeking out from between the tall umbrella pine trees. The stone farmhouse, or mas, dates back to the 1730s, built in the Tuscan farm style, with a nod to the Roman influence that permeates the region.

In the past, the building comprised a modest dwelling, a perpendicular grange for farm machinery, and stables for work horses. Over the centuries when the property changed hands major works transformed the building into its current layout.

What hasn’t changed over all these years, is the magnificent view from the house, terraces and garden of the ever dominant presence of the Mont Ventoux and dentelles. Looking over the wine fields, the Mont Ventoux surprises the viewers every day with the shape and colors set in the Provence sunlight.

DSC00477-Avec accentuation-Bruit.jpg
The interior

03 the interior

Once inside Domaine les Serres, visitors are transported to a world of tranquility and beauty. The farmstead's stone walls are imbued with a warmth that comes only with age, and the rustic décor evokes a sense of timeless elegance. The rooms are spacious and airy, with high ceilings and large windows that invite the gentle breeze to caress your skin.

The grange and stables have become a spacious living room and dining room. The double-height dining room has an open fireplace and a mix of décor including wicker baskets, a library ladder, contemporary art, older landscapes, vintage lamps and vases.


From every window, the breathtaking views of the neighboring vineyards and Mont Ventoux can be admired in all their constancy and grandeur. The Provençal sun, ever present and welcoming, filters through the trees and bathes the entire estate in a warm, golden glow.

Upstairs is the master ensuite bedroom with beautiful English wallpaper and matching curtains. Together with the incomparable view of Mont Ventoux outside the window the room promotes a feeling of relaxation.


The French country style kitchen is presented with groups of lemons, leeks, artichokes, eggs, and bread from the local village marché, sat ready for use on cutting boards, a caillette cooking dish, and in rustic baskets on the counters.


04 lifestyle

The current owners have dearly treasured the time spent over prolonged meals - breakfast, lunch, and dinner - with their family and friends. The homestead and gardens offer many comfortable alternatives for these intimate affairs. 

The dining room faces south and looks out over a large courtyard planted with two plane trees, climbing roses, ivy and fragrant jasmine.

The kitchen connects to the dining room, and from there the rest of the bedrooms and guests quarters follow. 

The guest quarter compromises of a very large kitchen in an industrial style using the old beams of the grange and providing a magnificent view of Mont Ventoux.  With the old salon and four bedrooms in the renovated first and second floor, the domaine has 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms able to accommodate 12 adults and 4-6 children.


The total habitation is 515 square meters and with garage, arbri and poolhouse the total square meters is a massif of 620 m2.

The immense garden of 10,000 square meters is well-established with sculptural umbrella pines - prolific all over the Mediterranean - that are the same age as the house. There is also a flourishing olive grove, rows of oak trees that nurture truffles, several blossoming fruit trees and a dream vineyard that promises around 400 bottles at harvest time.

Stones that were original to the property still surround the area which has now been converted into a swimming pool. A fine pair of Anduze urns mark the steps into the water. It is possible to make the most of the slow pace of country life here, relaxing under the shade of blue cypress trees, enveloped by a stone garden wall.

There are three wells on the property, one of which is 150 meters deep below, the water from which not only tastes delicious and is naturally cool, but also provides for the garden. Provence is renowned for its natural water sources that fill the beautiful village fountains and nourish all the residents, plants and animals alike.

The farmstead is a heavenly home that embodies the essence of life in Provence. Domaine les Serres is a romantic and idyllic bastide for families seeking a peaceful and authentic escape, where they can relax and recharge amid one of the most beautiful regions in the world.


Please direct any purchase enquiries to the owner listed below:

Contact: Hubertus CALS
Tel 0031646032536

Domaine Les Serres
Chemin de Prebois 51
84290 Lagarde Pareol

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